New TOURING Windscreen for Harley Davidson Sport Glide

Big thanks to a customer in Florida who gave us great feedback and photos on this new SPORT TOURING windscreen for the 2018 Harley Davidson Sport Glide.

2018 Harley Davidson Sportglide Touring Windscreen

When you purchase with us, you are buying 50 YEARS+ of experience built into your windscreen.  

Harley Davidson 2018 Sport Glide OEM Windscreens

Pictured above are the two windscreens that HARLEY provides.  The stock 2" windscreen on the right and a 5.5" SPORT windscreen on the left.


Here is our 12" Sport Touring windscreen on the new Harley Davidson Sportglide. Compared to the stock, we've got a much taller windscreen PLUS added width at the bottom - designed to match the lines and shape of the fairing exactly.

Sport Touring Windscreen on Harley Davidson Sportglide

We took inspiration from previous Harley models to develop a windscreen that provides ultimate wind protection compared to other products on the market.


View the Sport Glide Windscreen here

March 27, 2018 by Gustafsson Plastics Team
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William Paterra

William Paterra said:

I just ordered the 9inch Sport Touring windscreen for my Sport Glide. Im impressed with your product and company longevity. Harley Stock options dont provide long distance comfort. I have optioned my ride with a Stage IV and custom Bassani 2into 1 pipe. The bike is a joy to ride, just need some bug protection with a half helmet. I look forward to installing your product. I will keep you posted with reviews and pics. Thanks, Bill


Hall said:

Like the looks of the shield and think the wider width would help for the wind coming around the sides. Would be interested in comments from your Florida customer as to whether or not you can ride comfortably with an open face half helmet. Buffeting around the sides? Seriously considering this shield, currently have the larger HD and not much comes across the top, more turblence from the sides.


Don said:

Would like some tips on replacing the stock windshield on my 2019 sport glide with a 12" shield from Gustafsson.


MAXHD said:

hi, I’d like know how many centimeters is visibile out from fairing the 12" shield?

Gustafsson Plastics

Gustafsson Plastics said:

The 12" Windshield is about 10 inches taller then the OEM 2 inch windshield. So about 10.5-11" is exposed above the fairing.

The 12" windshield we offer is a good touring height for an average ride. Some customers prefer the 15" for longer rides.


xavier said:

Bonjour je suis français et je possède une sport guide 2018 et je recherche une bulle plus haute en france. merci

Chet Babcock

Chet Babcock said:

Looking for a new redesigned windshield for my 2019 Sportglide (Harley) I presently wear a 1/2 helmet and get a lot of wind chatter around my replaced 10”windshield! Higher hiway speeds only! I like the bike! Can you help?

Vern Lochtefeld

Vern Lochtefeld said:

I custom ordered the 15" vented light smoke grey in 3/16" thickness instead of standard 1/8" for added strength and rigidity. Very pleased with the product and the service. I just did a 220 mile ride. Love the windshield. Shot up to 100 mph no buffeting. Both the venting and the shape allow for the no buffeting stable feel and wind & road debris protection. I’m 6’4" 36" inseam so I still easily look over the windshield yet air moves over and around me. I’m thinking anyone 5’11" to 6’4’ should fit well from a vision and aerodynamics standpoint as I still look quite a bit over the top of the windshield. If they had something a little longer and more laid back I would have bought that but can’t argue with whats working.

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