New SPORT TOURING Windscreen for BMW K 1600 B

Thanks to BMW of Jacksonville, FLORIDA for letting us test out a new windscreen on the BMW Bagger.  (Stock BMW Photo below)

BMW K 1600 B Stock Windscreen

We've designed an improved windscreen so that the riders can enjoy the ride at higher speeds.

The bike features an adjustable windscreen so it's easy to have a ONE-SIZE-FITS all windscreen.  You can keep it low for city cruising or tilt it up for the longer rides.

However, BMW LOVES to leave a V in their windscreens. It doesn't look too shabby.  BUT wind doesn't like their patented V...

BMW K 1600 B

SO! We've filled in the gap and added a little height so riders can really get some wind protection at ANY speed. 

Please excuse the poor lighting but here are some quick photos of our initial testing.

BMW K 1600 B Sport Touring Windscreen

BMW K 1600 B Sport Touring Windscreen

View the Bagger Windscreen Here

March 27, 2018 by Gustafsson Plastics Team
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