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Windshield for Spyder F3 with Mounting Hardware

Rider tested and rider approved.  The design is here to stay - with fixed and adjustable hardware this setup pleases everyone on a Can Am Spyder F3, F3-S or F3 Daytona. Watch the videos here.

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Tinted Windshield for Triumph Thruxton R Cafe Fairing

So you've got a new Triumph with Cafe Fairing for the vintage but modern style.

It's got a pretty paint job that you keep white glove clean.  

Triumph Thruxton R Stock Windshield

But there's one problem... it's got a CLEAR windshield.  And it's not even CLEAR! It's got waves and distortion like no other.

So you want a quality windshield that is actually CLEAR or even better, tinted to match the great style of the bike - We hear you!

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New Windshield & Mounting Hardware for Can Am Spyder F3 & F3-S. FINALLY!

We are very excited to let you know that we have finished the long process of designing, developing, get the picture... It's a long process.  

We have thoroughly tested and slowly improved our new windshield and mounting hardware for all of our VERY patient Can Am Spyder F3 customers.

And it's worth the wait. We have a very effective and stylish windshield to accompany our great mounting hardware.  

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