Tinted Windshield for Triumph Thruxton R Cafe Fairing

So you've got a new Triumph with Cafe Fairing for the vintage but modern style.

It's got a pretty paint job that you keep white glove clean like the Stanley Cup.

Stanley Cup White Glove Clean

But there's one problem... it's got a CLEAR windshield.  And it's not even CLEAR! It's got waves and distortion like no other.

Triumph Thruxton R 1200


So you want a quality windshield that is actually CLEAR or even better, tinted to match the great style of the bike - We hear you!

After MANY requests for a tinted windshield for this bike... We had to break out some old equipment to make this unique windshield for the new Triumph Cafe Fairing.  Fitting for a new vintage part...

Triumph Thruxton R with Tinted Windshield

Fortunately we keep EVERYTHING and after a long development process we have something that fits GREAT, looks GREAT, and ff course it has the best OPTICS on the market with no distortion or waves.

Triumph Thruxton R Cafe Fairing with Tinted Windshield

Triumph Thruxton R Cafe Fairing with Tinted Windshield

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June 30, 2018 by Gustafsson Plastics Team
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Rafael said:

Hi I want to know if carside cossack 350J Jupiter 1979 it works on a 2013 deluxe softtail Harley Dadvidson and if you do the job and how much does it cost? Thank you

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