Remembering the Legend & Founder, Leif Gustafsson

Words cannot describe our love and gratefulness for our founder, Leif.  His ambition, positive attitude, and principles will forever be remembered. 

Leif Erik Ernst Gustafsson, 70, of St Augustine, FL, passed away peacefully with friends and family on October 24, 2019 after a four year battle with colon cancer.

Leif was born in Korsberga, Sweden, 1948.  He grew up in Vamb with a tight-knit group of friends and family.  It was with this tight knit group that Leif developed a keen interest in motorcycles.  At the same time, Leif was a mechanic at the cement factory, where he realized his aptitude for engineering and working with his hands.  


This intersection of friends, motorcycles and engineering led Leif to start a business in his grandfather’s garage in 1968.  For 10 years he laid the foundation for the business before moving to St Augustine, Florida in 1978.

Until his passing, Leif was proud to own and operate Fairing Screen Gustafsson while acquiring the largest collection of motorcycle windshields in the world.  He was widely considered an industry expert in identifying, fabricating, and retelling history about motorcycle windshields.

Leif could be described as gregarious and was a constant source of interesting stories and anecdotes.  He had the unique ability of being able to meet countless new friends while still preserving friendships and relationships from years past.  Leif remained close with his many friends and family in Sweden who still affectionately refer to him as “Groda”, or “The Frog”.

A gathering for his friends and family will be held at his shop, Gustafsson Plastics, on Sunday Nov. 10th, 2019 at 1PM.

October 29, 2019 by Gustafsson Plastics Team
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Paul Svensson

Paul Svensson said:

Hello, found this story about Leif and i,m very sorry to hear he past away. I met Leif and hes little brother Roland when my parents moved to Våmb 1959.We lived on the other side of the railway. Leif and me were very good companions, i have a lot of memorys from this time. Remember Leifs family had TV , a small 17 " so every time there was something interesting I was there watching. 1961 we moved from Våmb, but I used to visiting Leif in the summer. The last time we met was summer 1968 and remember Leif show me about this bikescreen he had started to make. He told me he bought the plastic from Japan, it was to expensiv in Sweden. I was very impressed of how he code make this bikescreen with that simple things he used. Only put the plastic beetwen two “spånskivor” in swedish, then heated with “gasol” and blow with air under the plastic. Leif and I was both borned 1948 but we did,nt went in the same school. It was my son in law that found this side on internet when I told him about Leif and the bikescreen.
Best reegards Paul.

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