Kawasaki A1R 250 1969 + Air Tech

$180.00 USD $129.95 USD

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*This screen requires custom installation.

Made to Order - 3 Days Lead Time

We provide the windscreen only. Bodywork and accessories found HERE.

This is actually the first windscreen we produced!

The screen fits OEM 1969 Kawasaki A1R 250

The windshield also fits the following aftermarket fairings:

  • Air Tech A1R1 - Kawasaki A1R Vintage Race Fairing

Here are a few pictures for reference:

1969 Kawasaki A1R Vintage Windshield
This is what started it all, our first windscreen for Hans Hallberg Kawasaki A1R 1969
Windshield for Air Tech fairing Kawasaki A1R
Air Tech Fairing Kawasaki A1R 1969