BMW R 90/100 S 1973 - 1978

$54.95 USD


Color Examples


*This screen requires custom installation.

Made to Order - 3 Days Lead Time

We provide the windscreen only. Bodywork and accessories found HERE.

Styles Available Price ($USD)
Stock - (3.5" Tall)129.95
High (7" Tall)139.95
Sport Tourer (9" Tall)149.95
SS (14" Tall)159.95
Headlight Cover (9")54.95

This screen can be pre-drilled if you'd like.  It will be drilled off of a stock fairing.  Please do not request pre-drilling unless you are 100% sure that your fairing is a stock fairing.  Holes will differ for an aftermarket fairing.

From the back wing of each side of the fairing to the first hole is 1.5 inches.  From that first hole to the next hole is 4 inches.

This also fits the following aftermarket fairings:

  • Air Tech R90S7
  • Air Tech R90SC
  • Air Tech R90ST
  • Boxer Cafe BMW S Fairing Kit
  • Boxer Cafe BMW S Race Fairing
  • Glass from the Past BMWQFA R 90 S Fairing