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Ducati 750 SS / 900 SS Pre-1990

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Cafe (Low Profile)199.00
Headlight Cover99.00

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This windshield fits the following OEM Ducati Fairings:

  • Ducati 750 SS 1972
  • Ducati 750 SS 1973
  • Ducati 750 SS 1974
  • Ducati 750 SS 1975
  • Ducati 900 SS 1978
  • Ducati 900 SS 1979
  • Ducati 900 SS 1980
  • Bevel Drive 750/900 SS
  • Ducati SSD Darmah 1979
  • Ducati SSD Darmah 1980

The screen also fits the following aftermarket fairings:

  • Air Tech DUC91
  • Air Tech DUC917
  • Air Tech DUC91C
  • Boxer Cafe 900SS
  • Glass From The Past DUCHFA (GFTP 900)
  • Glass From The Past DUCHFB
  • Glass From The Past DUCHFC
  • Glass From The Past UNIHFA
  • National Fiberglass 750 SS
  • Syd's Cycles

We have two different styles of windscreens to fit the first generation 750/900SS. Please watch this short video demonstrating the different styles and how to mount them.

  • Standard - This is your original screen from the '70s and '80s.
  • Cafe - This low-profile windscreen has a cafe style for a different take on the original look.

We also sell a headlight cover if needed.

The following pictures are for fairing reference only and can be purchased from the fairing manufacturers directly. 

Cafe Style windscreen on Air Tech Fairing
Cafe Style Example
Air Tech DUC91 - Gustafsson Plastics
Air Tech DUC91
Air Tech DUC917 - Gustafsson Plastics
Air Tech DUC917
Air Tech DUC91C - Gustafsson Plastics
Air Tech DUC91C

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