Air Tech AJSM7 AJS

$129.95 USD


Color Examples


*This screen requires custom installation.

Made to Order - 3 Days Lead Time

We provide the windscreen only. Bodywork and accessories found HERE.

Styles Available Price ($USD)

This screen fits the Full Race Fairing and the Small Cafe Street Fairing.  We manufacture two different style windscreens to fit the Air Tech AJSM7 Fairings:

  • Standard - 9 inches tall.  This is going to give you the original look.
  • Low-Profile - 7 inches tall.  This is going to give you a modern, sporty look.  This has become more popular in the recent years.

Both styles fit the following aftermarket fairings:

  • Air Tech AJSM7 Full Fairing
  • Air Tech AJSM7 Cafe Fairing

The following pictures are for your reference only:

Standard height screen.