Acrylic Drill Bit

$8.95 USD

Styles Available Price ($USD)
3/16" (0.1875") Diameter8.95
1/4" (0.25") Diameter8.95
Conventional high speed drill bits do not work well with hard plastics such as the high quality acrylic that we use, due to the following reasons:

-60 Degree bit that has a sharper point than a conventional bit 

-A diamond dust coating helps the tip penetrate the plastic more smoothly, avoiding chipping and cracking

-Less pitch than a conventional bit

-A new bit guarantees a sharp edge that will make a smooth hole without riding up the drill bit

Drilling Tips:

-Do NOT support the back of your screen with anything! The screen should be drilled with no pressure on it.  

-Drill perpendicular to the screen

-Slow to medium speeds work best when working with acrylic

-Let the bit do the work, try to take up to 1 minute drilling each hole

-Do not try and punch through the back side, once again, let the bit slowly cut through