G-FORCE Specs:
The G-Force effectively increases wind protection while adding a 'sporty' dimension to your stock shape.

The Spoiler takes your stock windscreen shape and adds a 2"+ upturned lip to help deflect wind up and over the helmet.

+2, +4, +6, +8, etc.
Here we take your stock screen shape and extend the screen the desired amount of inches while keeping the stock shape.

At Fairing Screen Gustafsson / Gustafsson Plastics, we manufacture over 3000 models of aftermarket fairing screens for yesterday and today's motorcycles in 16 different colors.

Originally a Swedish company, we catered only to the European race circuit.  In 1979; as the use of fairings on street bikes became popular, we moved to the United States.  Today, our line of quality plastic products range from race bike and street bike fairing screens, to race boat and pleasure boat windshields.  Discover today, how our custom windscreens can enhance your motorcycle.  Discover the Gustafsson Difference!
At Gustafsson we do not discriminate, we Manufacture for
every type of motorcycle.  Everything from Modern bikes, to
classics, to race only bikes.  If we don't list your screen, call us!
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